I Never Traveled Before Until Now

I Never Traveled
Before Until Now

After 22 long hours on a plane, I
arrived in the beautiful city of
Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Skyline

The Very First Week

Last week I embarked on the most exciting adventure of my life. After 22 hours on the plane I arrived in the beautiful city of Hong Kong. Through an exchange program provided by Ohio University, I’m studying business and marketing at Hong Kong Baptist University. Before classes started I had an opportunity to visit few of the many attractions throughout the city.

On a rainy Saturday afternoon, I traveled by cable car to Lantau Island village of Ngong Ping to visit Tian Tan Buddha statue. Although slightly afraid it might thunderstorm, the cloudy atmosphere had a very peaceful and tranquil effect on the surroundings. After I walking up more steps than I could bare to imagine, I was welcomed by one of the largest sitting Buddha statues in the world. I watched as many people worshiped and paid their respects. I guess I can finally say that Buddhism class I took my sophomore year of college paid off.


To Conclude

Over the next four months, I will be living in Hong Kong adapting to a different but very familiar way of life. Being a young man from Cleveland, I’ve never traveled anywhere outside the country, let alone across the Pacific Ocean. I look forward to all of the adventures that await me. Stay tuned and follow along for my next installment.

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About Me

I am a Japan-based designer who helps brands focus their message by designing content to capture an audience.

I have worked as a creative for over 4 years with a variety organizations across the country. Some even across the world. Over the years, I have build websites, shot photos/videos, and planned digital marketing strategies for many different brands.

Recently, I started my own business Small Adventures, LLC. Also, I became the brand director of Jetpack Group Limited. On my spare time, I make music, shoot photos, designing clothing. I even played Guy #1 in a Cleveland short-film.

I’m currently available for freelance projects. Feel free to contact me below:

Contact: 1.440.701.6007