My Work

My work features an emphasis on visual storytelling, responsive design, and beautiful font-pairings.

Breakthrough Schools

Breakthrough Schools is the highest-performing network of public charter schools in Cleveland, Ohio. It's a nationally recognized network of schools with 10 campuses serving nearly 3,300 students.


A Bold & Colorful Redesign

I have an ongoing relationship with the people at Breakthrough Schools. For more year now, I help them with a network-wide redesigning of all of their website and digital assets, content marketing, in school photography for of their schools, improving their SEO and more.


Minds Matter National

Minds Matter is a growing nationwide organization with 13 chapters across the US. Since its founding in New York City in 1991, it's goal is to make sure 100% of their students are accepted into 4-year colleges.


Minds Matter National

For over a year now, I have been working the closely with Minds Matter National and several of their chapters all under one branding and user experience.


My Recent Designs

These some of the most recent designs I've done for my clients. All projects below are archived versions of their websites hosted on my web server.

Minds Matter Detroit

Peekaboo Cosmetics


About Me

I am a Japan-based designer who helps brands focus their message by designing content to capture an audience.

I have worked as a creative for over 4 years with a variety organizations across the country. Some even across the world. Over the years, I have build websites, shot photos/videos, and planned digital marketing strategies for many different brands.

Recently, I started my own business Small Adventures, LLC. Also, I became the brand director of Jetpack Group Limited. On my spare time, I make music, shoot photos, designing clothing. I even played Guy #1 in a Cleveland short-film.

I’m currently available for freelance projects. Feel free to contact me below:

Contact: 1.440.701.6007